Welcome to the Box Shop San Francisco

The BoxShop is a studio workspace for artists in San Francisco. With over 100 working artists, our mission is to support the creation of high quality art by providing shared access to tools, skills and knowledge.

Artists work out of 20'x 8' shipping containers and share access to a 5000-ft.² shop and a 20,000-ft.² yard.

The warehouse metal shop includes a fully functioning metal shop mig, tig and gas welders, a CNC Plasma cutter, and a wide range of metal shaping equipment: benders, rollers, English wheel, planishing hammers, a break, drill presses and more. Two of the BoxShop's latest additions are a shared electronics studio and a machine shop with a mill, a lathe and associated tooling.

Watch a short clip about the boxshop and our mission.

The BoxShop from mizpoon on Vimeo.