We are now offering fabrication services for metalwork, 3d printing and electronics on a project by project basis. Are you working on a project that is a little beyond your expertise? Have visions of a sculpture or construction you can't make yourself?

Let our skilled resident artists do it for you! We have a full electronics studio, 3D printing and metalshop awaiting your practical or creative project.

The warehouse metal shop includes a fully functioning metal shop mig, tig and gas welders, a CNC Plasma cutter, and a wide range of metal shaping equipment: benders, rollers, English wheel, planishing hammers, a break, drill presses and more. Two of the BoxShop's latest additions are a shared electronics studio and a machine shop with a mill, a lathe and associated tooling.

No project is too small, too large, or too complicated to be built at the Boxshop.